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How ThoughtCatch Started

By Andrew (Founder)

During the first UK lockdown there was a flurry of activity on social media and messaging apps that my phone was constantly distracting me. It was getting overwhelming, so I decided to take a break from it all.


This gave me the time to notice my thoughts and write them down. As my phone was always to hand, it was the perfect way to jot things down instantly. Having a physical reference helped me to make sense of what was going on for me. I no longer had to bottle things up. There was now a private space for me to write about everything I was experiencing on a daily basis.


Looking back a year on, it's amazing how many moments I would have forgotten if I hadn't recorded them somewhere. I can now see how far I have come.

Sometimes I would write about someone close to me, like a friend or family member. When it felt comfortable enough to do so, I started privately sharing these thoughts with them. It was incredible how this small act of vulnerability transformed many of my relationships.

There are so many messaging and social media platforms that it's easy to lose perspective of what really matters. We get caught up in conversations and arguments that can be draining. After many a frustrating time of not being able to get myself heard and seeing others in a similar predicament it got me thinking.... there is no easy, accesible way to be truly understood by those close to us.


Catching my thoughts and sharing them has helped me to understand myself, be understood by others and in turn understand others' points of view.

I wanted to share the power of this simple tool with you all so I built a brand new platform that is simple, easy to use and can help us to connect in a meaningful way. So what do you say...

...time to catch some thoughts?


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