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How ThoughtCatch Started

By Andrew (Founder)

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During the first UK lockdown I found myself getting caught up in the flurry of activity on social media and messaging apps. My time was spent worrying about keeping up with every little update that I was losing perspective of what really mattered.


I took a step back and started to pay more attention to the moments in my day. As my phone was always to hand, it was the perfect way to get my thoughts down instantly. I started writing the things I was thinking but would never think to say or acknowledge.


The more I recorded, the more I could make sense of what was happening for me, at a  comfortable pace. It helped me to look at the series of events that led to certain feelings and situations.


Looking back a year on, it's amazing how many moments I would have forgotten if I hadn't recorded them somewhere! It was surprising how the little details that at the time seemed insignificant were the start of big decisions for me.


Sometimes when I appreciated someone or was grateful for them being in my life I would record this on my phone too. Normally it would be awkward to tell them via a message, but I put my embarrassment aside and shared my thoughts with them anyway. It was more powerful than I could ever have imagined! I needed a place where I could look back at these shared words.

So I decided to build this brand new app to capture our thoughts and share them with others. I wanted to create a dedicated space on our phones to look back on these captured moments and shared messages.

This has been invaluable for my wellbeing and my relationships. So what do you say...

...time to catch some thoughts?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ThoughtCatch free?

Yes. ThoughtCatch is completely free! We believe everyone should have access to this simple tool. We are currently developing a more sophisticated personalised version which will be available for a small subscription, which everyone will be able to try for free.

Do you display ads?

No. None at all. We will never use ads.

Does anyone read my entries?

No. Not even us. All entries will be stored on your phone (like WhatsApp). Entries you send to your contacts are end-to-end encrypted so nobody but you and your contact can see them.

What platform will the app be available on?

iOS (Apple) and Android.

Can I use the app on a tablet?

In order to make the process seamless we need a phone number to register your account, this allows easy messaging with our phone contacts.

Does my friend need to have the app for me to share thoughts with them?

Yes. To share thoughts with anyone you both need the app to ensure they are sent securely by encryption. The app is free so once your friend has it, they can also send, receive and store thoughts from their friends/family.

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